Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paint the Piedmont 2011

“Paint the Piedmont” Benefit Art Show and Auction Raises Over $2,400 for local land conservation activities.  
Over several weekends in December, the Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle sponsored an art show and auction to benefit the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) and the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy (BRFC).  Held at DuCard Vineyards in Etlan, VA and the River District Arts Collective in Sperryville, VA the event featured paintings of land which has been permanently protected through conservation easements, both in Madison and Greene Counties and elsewhere in Virginia.  The event raised over $2,400 to help continue the work of protecting the natural beauty of these areas.  Sherry Buttrick said “on behalf of VOF, we are delighted by the interest and support that this event received and how wonderfully the artists portrayed these precious landscapes.”

    The show highlights undeveloped areas of the region in different mediums such as watercolor, mixed media, sculpture, acrylic and oil painting.  Area artists included Noah Bradley, Armand Cabrera, Trish Crowe, Bonnie Dixon, Lou Messa, Michelle Powell, Chee Ricketts, Janice Rosenberg, Fran Wohlfelder, Richard Young and Sharon Zarambo.  Though many of the group’s shows have related to the idea of ‘place,’ this is the first one specifically to highlight easement areas.  
    “We ought to be able to see the unspoiled landscape in the future,” said Trish Crowe, founder of the art group and President of BRFC, said about why the group chose to depict easement land.  “Once it’s paved over, you can’t get it back.”  
Special thanks go to the donating artists, Scott Elliff of DuCard Vineyards and Jerome Niessen of  River District Arts for donating wine and venues, Chef Sebastian Carosi for his beautiful local foods, and John Mitchell Photography for documenting the event.

    The next “Paint the Piedmont” will be held June 12th in a new iteration again at DuCard Vineyards in Etlan, VA.  The event will feature plein-air painting by member artists of the Artists’ Circle as well as other area artists and will provide an opportunity to engage in important conservation dialogue. The winery is set in spectacular landscapes which will both enrich the art and help enable it to inspire protection of the views.  Interested artists and parties should contact Trish Crowe at 540-948-5444 or via email at  More details will be forthcoming on the event blog

Monday, January 24, 2011

Artist Circle @ The Studio at Firnew Farm 2011 Schedule

In anticipation of two new Paint the Piedmont events, we are pleased to share this year's Studio at Firnew Farm schedule.  Mark your calendars now!

Artist Circle at The Studio at Firnew Farm

2011 Schedule of Events

Studio hours are 10am-5pm every Thursday.  Review and Critique is held weekly from 3-5pm during studio hours.


January 1- March 25, 2011: Winter Term

April 1-June 24, 2011: Spring Term

May 8: The Sky’s the Limit – Emerging Artist Noah Bradley

May 22-25: Painting Days at Capon Springs, WV

June 11-12: Paint the Piedmont Plein Air Event at King Family Vineyard

July 30-November 20, 2011: Fall Term

September 9-11: Feast in the Field Event

September 25-28: Painting Days at Capon Springs, WV

October 1-2: Paint the Piedmont Plein Air Event at DuCard Vineyard

November 18-20: Christmas Exhibition to benefit the Madison County Boys & Girls Club


The Studio
P.O. Box 35
Hood, VA  22723

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Piedmont Stories" by John Mitchell, photographer

"The Piedmont's fields and forests, so beautifully spread against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge, are understandably celebrated.  Two of the photographs in the accompanying portfolio are of the natural landscape.  Equally as much a part of my life here, however, are the small stories that are being played out every day, and largely unnoticed.

There are warm August evenings in these photographs, the sound of bluegrass or of a clear stream flowing over ancient rock, the aroma of hot coffee or of barbecued ribs, the fortuitous juxtaposition of objects that delight the eye, they all are here, if we but look for them."

by John Mitchell, photographer

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paint the Piedmont 2010
Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle Invitational Holiday Art Show
**********Saturday December 18, 2010 RECEPTION 4:00 - 6:00*************THIS IS THE CORRECT INFORMATION!!!
Food by: Chef Sebastian Carosi, Café Indigo
& Sunday December 19, 2010 SILENT AUCTION CLOSES 6:00 P.M.
10:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Both days!
River District Arts
3 River Lane Sperryville, Virginia 540 987 8770
Directions: For more information: Preview artwork:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paint the Piedmont, December 4th, 2010

Peter Rice, Chair, Shenandoah National Park Trust Board of Trustees; Bob Lee, President of Virginia Outdoors Foundation; Trish Crowe, Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy; Scott Elliff, DuCard Vineyards; 
and Sherry Buttrick, Virginia Outdoors Foundation
photograph by John Mitchell

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paint the Piedmont, Kick Off December 4th

Firnew Farm Artists' Circle "Paint the Piedmont 2010" kicks off its Christmas Season with a Holiday Art Show Preview and Silent Auction to benefit The Virginia Outdoors Foundation and The Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy at
Tickets for the Preview:  $45.each

December 4th, Saturday
4:30 - 9:00

The Silent Auction will close

December 18 & 19th,
10:00 - 6:00

at the River Districts Arts Collective
3 River Lane
Sperryville, VA

Artwork and bidding can be viewed on:

For more information call:  Sherry Buttrick at 434 293 3423
or Trish Crowe at 540 718 0370
or e-mail: